A Review of the Plants Vs Zombies 2 Game

Plants Vs Zombies 2 is the follow-up to the popular first game, Plants vs. Zombies. It is a follow-up to the number one mobile game, Plants vs. Zombies. The plot of the game involves zombies once again appearing on earth to claim their resources. This time around, these plants are not zombies but have been transformed into them thanks to some mysterious formula injected into their bodies. Now, they have become powerful plants that can protect the earth from zombies.

In this game, players once again fight against zombies using brand-new weapons as well as power-ups. The whole game has been changed to fit in with the new storyline and introduces some brand new characters as well. This time around, the objective of each level is different and the overall gameplay is more dynamic as well. The storyline revolves around the idea of free will and human beings trying to survive against the creatures that attack them on the grounds of their homes. The overall concept of the game is to defend your home against zombies who are after your green energy source and eat your plants.

Plants Vs Zombies 2 is now a tower defense game where players have to use towers to protect the home. There are several levels where the objective is to plant the most plants to earn reward points. The higher the score you have, the more points you can get. The current level is level 3 and there is another part that is still unreleased. It is called the Endless Levels and it will probably be included in the final version of the game Plants vs Zombies 2.

In this game, zombies have the tendency to multiply when energy is low, which means that if you are at a lower level, the zombies are quite difficult to kill. You have to use plants wisely and plant energy-giving ones like sunflowers and other energy-limiting ones like stalks and beans to prevent zombies from multiplying when energy is low. When you are at a higher level, you can use zombies vs. zombies with the help of an upgraded lawn mower and you can throw rocks at them to stun them.

However, while playing the game in the single-player mode, you can also use a catapult to damage zombies while plants can use a water barrel to cool them down. When you are playing in the online mode, you should use the catapult and rocks to stun the zombies that are close to your plants. Then, you should transfer all of your plants to the edge of the level so that they will not get damaged by the zombies. This is also a good way to conserve your energy for the boss battle.

One thing that many people are complaining about in this game is that there are no more zombies when you play this version. While that may be true, you still need to learn how to play correctly because this game is challenging enough as it is. You can get hints in the game to help you increase your skills so that you will be able to beat the bosses in the game without any difficulty. You can even purchase power-ups to give you an upper hand in this game.

If you are looking for a challenging game that will keep you on your toes, then playing Plants Vs Zombies 2 is perfect for you. Not only will you have fun surviving in the game, but you will be rewarded for your efforts as well. After winning a level in the game, you will be shown a rewarded scene that is reminiscent of the world. You will find watermelons, pinecones, grass, and flowers in the scene, and depending on which level you played on, these will be the flowers that you will be able to eat to gain health points. The harder levels in the game will grant you additional resources that will allow you to buy stronger weapons to fight off zombies vs. zombies.

Remember, when you are playing this game you do not just grind out a few minutes here and there. You will definitely get your butt handed to you so be sure to pace yourself. Playing the game involves a lot of planning ahead so if you plan on beating the game, you will need to stay on top of your strategy. That way you won’t run out of food to eat or get stuck in one area for too long. It’s all about playing smart when playing Plants vs Zombies 2.






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