Rift Mastery Guide Review – Discussing the Rewards From Playing With Coin Master

Coin Master is easily one of the easiest and most enjoyable mobile games out there. Coin Master isn’t as simple as they come; however, all the same basic rules apply. That being said, when you’re first starting out you will need to know which levels are boom levels and which ones are normal levels. Below I’ll list the criteria that all succeeding levels must meet.

You will earn coins by playing the slots. The amount of coins you earn depends on the total number of coins you’ve played. To earn coins quickly you can start by playing the daily bonus spins. Playing the daily bonus will award you with free spins so you will start accumulating the coins you need in no time.

As soon as you start playing you will notice that coin master has a nice smooth interface. There are four different categories that are displayed on the top right corner. These are normal villages, daily bonus villages, festival villages and super festive villages. You should keep in mind that the type of village you choose is determined by what slot machine you are using. The same applies for the type of festival that you want.

The next criteria that Coin Master meets is earning coins per day. If this is your primary objective then you will play the slots accordingly. There are only three types of spins in each category: single, daily and multi-line. Each category will award different amount of coins per day. In addition, there are also special holidays that will award coins in those categories.

After you have selected a level you will then see three small icons on the lower left corner. These are the only graphical indications that the levels have started. To advance to the next level you will need to complete all the coins earned in that village. In this respect, Coin Master’s formulaic approach to earning coins is unique among all online slot machines.

You can also see some statistics about your performance in each category. The green number shows how many coins you have collected in a day, the red number shows the number of coins you have spent, and the blue number shows your Raid score. The red icons are used for Raid targets, which can be used in combination with the green number for earning even more coins. When you are at the highest level you will be able to choose from different options which are rewarded with coins upon completion. These include upgrading to the next level or raiding which will earn you double the amount of coins collected in the previous level.

There are other options that Coin Master offers, but I am not going to cover them in this review. You can, however, get access to the Raid rewards that are rewarded after you are at the highest level. The two options you have for the Rewards are the following: you can either get a special item which is given to you as a complete reward or you can get rewards for the first ten players that finish all three rifts in a row. I found that the rewards for the first ten players is quite decent, but the better option is to simply buy the perfect raid armor that you need for the perfect raid which will give you enough coins for the perfect raid without having to wait so long for it to drop down into the loot table. Some people would consider this to be a micro-transaction, but it is a small one when you consider the value of the items you will receive after completing a perfect raid.

So I conclude that Coin Master can be an excellent online slot machine which offers a range of exciting options that can be a lot of fun and rewarding if you know how to play the game. The rewards that you get for completing the more difficult levels of each village are very nice indeed and will no doubt encourage you to keep playing. For a casual player like me, the lack of real challenge did take me off track from the enjoyment of being able to earn decent amounts of coins though. However, I can see this becoming an important and highly recommended feature of Rift which should improve its appeal to the raid players as well as the casual players.






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