Call of Duty – Modern Warfare Multiplayer Beta

Call of Duty has always been big on the video games market and now the series has finally introduced a’season’ to coincide with its launch. Call of Duty: WW2 raises the bar on how big a game can get, introducing new multiplayer features that are revolutionary. But is it worth getting this new game when there’s plenty of existing content out there? Let’s find out.

Call of Duty: WWII brings a new mid-season update to the series this year which reduces the total install footprint by a third, yet it comes just after a massive download. This is obviously quite welcome given the way that the new Call of Duty games usually take up quite a lot of space. This release has seen the introduction of new multiplayer maps, new weapons and other tweaks, but overall the real focus is on the single player campaign which sees Call of Duty: WWII looking to adopt the concept of’mission based’ game play. Here we’ll examine why is Cod so popular (and why it’s unlikely to be killed off any time soon).

One thing that Call of Duty has always had going for it is its single player experience. The premise of the game is set in a world where the term’military’ doesn’t really apply because there’s barely a hint of military involvement. This gives Call of Duty a wonderful freedom of choice as far as game type is concerned; this means that you could choose to play an RTS game if you so wished ( WWII is obviously not a time when such a concept was applicable) or you could opt for a more modern military simulation. And while you do have a lot of freedom with the type of game you play Call of Duty has always provided enough content to satisfy anyone who wants to spend some time playing these classic WWII sims. Not only do you have the single player campaign to play, but you also have the ability to get into the various WWII battles which serve as the focal point for the game.

However, it’s the new content that really makes Call of Duty ‘pop’. In season two we get to experience the GAFR (Global Air Force) and the NVA (National Vietnamese Air Force). These two factions are the reason why Call of Duty has such great replay value, because in every match there is always a chance of you fighting against a member of either of them. However, the new content in season two also adds a whole new level of realism to the game’s storyline, which is something many fans of Call of Duty are looking for.

It’s in season two that we actually start to see Call of Duty change, as there is new content added to the game via the free-to-play system. This mainly includes a new level, Nuketon, as well as a new file type – the weapon system – which Call of Duty is truly getting used to. As well as this, a new challenge was added to the playlist, where players have to complete all available maps within a set time period, called a playlist. This means that no matter what you might be doing at the time, you’ll always be trying to get your score as high as possible, and it’s really what really sets Call of Duty apart from other first person shooters.

The main feature of season two, which is the free-to-play, is called the Modern Warfare content pack. What it offers players is a huge array of content including new characters, weapons, and game modes. Each one of these is based on one of Call of Duty’s main branches, and the trick is to play as each branch effectively. You’ll need to use the new character, Gared, to do this, as he is considered the master of technology. The other character, Ironman, uses an ancient machine called the M1 alongside an ex-soldier named Specialist.

The new Modern Warfare game mode is designed to be extremely fun. It pits you against a global threat, called the Scallywag, who are looking to take over the world by using secret biogenetically engineered weapons. You’ll need to make use of both the surveillance systems and the night vision in order to track down their hideouts and eliminate any threat that they can bring. This mode also enables you to build your own base, called a cache, and then request assistance from other multiplayer players to help you in capturing the various bases around the globe. This will allow you to gather resources and level up quickly, but if your team doesn’t hold out long enough, they run the risk of being taken out before you get to these bases. You will also find yourself needing to purchase new gadgets, such as the Gump, which is designed to protect your team by making noise.

There are also many changes in the way the online game functions, with the introduction of a new ranking system. This improves your overall experience, as your performance affects your rank. As you move up in rank, you’ll start earning more money and access to more powerful weapons and vehicles, so you’ll always have a reason to play the game. It’s all about balancing your economy and preparing for what could happen in 100 gb.





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