Zombie Apocalyptic Game Review – Into the Dead II

Welcome to the world of zombie-killing madness, Into the Dead 2! A brand new third-person shooter from the development group Accessibility Studio, Into the Dead 2 is now available for download from the Internet. Originally released in 2021, Into the Dead was one of the more popular flash games at the time, and its follow-up offered a lot more content. In this game, you assume the role of Billy, a washed-up professional zombie hunter who has decided to take up work in an undead lab after finding dead bodies in a graveyard. You’ll have a range of weapons at your disposal, but each weapon comes with its own limitations, so you’ll have to think carefully about how you use them. There are also several hidden items and secrets to discover as well, which will help your journey through the zombie-infested land.

Essentially, the concept behind Into the Dead 2 is much the same as its predecessors. Basically, there are no more advertisements popping up while you play, and you don’t have to buy anything to continue playing – everything is provided by the in-game menu, and is included for free. Zombie-styled artwork is used throughout the game, along with the original score from the 2022 original, ‘Zombi,’ and is accompanied by a beautiful, piano music score. Story mode, once again, makes up the meat of Into the Dead II; there are seven separate chapters of zombie shooting fun, all tied together by a captivating story that’s more engrossing than you could probably expect, considering its level of detail.

Once you begin playing though, it’ll be clear that you’re in the middle of a zombie onslaught. Your mission is not to simply gun down the undead – you need to find a way to prevent themselves from being re-animated, so you can use the money you’ve accumulated (earned using in-game currency called green dollars) to purchase weapons and ammunition, as well as protect your location from the continually-beating waves of the undead. Weapons and ammunition in Into the Dead II include a wide variety of options: bows, crossbows, explosives, knives, guns, and even traps and mine-clearing terrain to hinder the approaching hordes. There are also a number of challenges with these weapons as well. These range from trying to find out just how long you can survive against a particular zombie type, to trying to find out how far you can go before being killed yourself.

The true challenge comes when using explosives against the zombies, and the developers really make good use of this in Into the Dead II. Often, a single explosion will kill dozens, if not hundreds, of zombies. As a result, the gameplay of this zombie game becomes about surviving as long as possible before you or your comrades are wiped out. While a few well-placed explosions will slow the undead down enough for you to have an easier time getting to safety, well-placed explosions will kill many at once. This makes finding supplies and carrying them around a crucial part of the gameplay.

Weapons and ammo aren’t the only things that you need to survive in Into the Dead II’s zombie-pox. You’ll also need to learn how to fight with the various creatures that prowl throughout its single maps. These include common creatures like zombies, but there is also a unique breed of creature which only appears in a couple of locations. These include creatures that are strong enough to rip you in half with one bite, as well as crawl under your feet and attack you from behind. Fortunately, you have plenty of tools at your disposal to destroy these dangerous creatures, including a powerful gun, melee weapons, and explosives.

Unfortunately, combat isn’t the only way to advance through Into the Dead II’s zombie nightmare. You will also find yourself needing to find the way to different areas on each map. Fortunately, this is simply because they are often guarded by zombies or other dangerous creatures. Once you get past the initial rush of zombies, however, into the center of these maps you will find a panel containing useful information about where to go next. This helps you avoid busy areas where there might be a lot more action, as well as help you get around quickly to where you need to be.

The undead in Into the Dead II is very well made. They look very realistic and come in a variety of colors and designs. The gun and melee weapons you can get for free are especially powerful, and although it won’t be easy to master using them, they can help you survive better in the game than any other tools you have available. There are also several zombies which are tougher than the others and are worth dealing with for higher score points. These tough undead come with an added incentive: when they are killed, you get a special prize, like a health pack or a shotgun.

Although Into the Dead is not as challenging as the original, it is still a lot of fun. There’s more content than before, including more weapons, more zombies, and even some new characters to meet. Download the game, play through it a few times, and become skilled at using the weapons and zombies to your advantage. You should have plenty of fun after you’ve cleared the first wave of the undead!






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